June 06, 2017

Getting into shape takes a combination of hard work and dedication to your exercise regime in addition to proper eating and drinking habits, all weighing of equal importance!

What is a Waist Trainer?

Waist Trainer is an advanced corset made of spandex or neoprene material, with a latex core material working to maximize perspiration and circulation. This special blend of fabric stretches and contours to your body's natural curves while burning off the excess fat around your waist. 

Fashioned to hug your abdominal area, Waist Trainers effectively suppress your hunger to reduce your intake with each meal. This way you're guaranteed to spread your portions throughout the day. While we understand that being a working woman gives us little to no time to plan and cook a healthy meal, we want to ensure we stick to one of the cardinal rules of being fit and healthy: Eat small portions throughout the day. Waist Trainersaid in eliminating those guilty trips to the fast food drive-thru and the late night binge-eating after a hard day’s work.

Remember to use your Waist Trainer as leverage to a healthier lifestyle. Let it motivate you to snack healthier, exercise harder and stress less, and you'll be well on your way to achieving your health goals!

Benefits and Results of Waist Training 

ABSOLUTE BLESSINGS Waist Trainersreshapes and molds your waistline by burning off excess fat around your midsection, giving you a smaller defined waist, which also results in lifting the bust. Consistent waist training helps you achieve the perfect hourglass silhouette! Lose up to 7 inches of your waistline by waist training during your work out, sleep, or while your running day to day errands. We've listed below results you can expect to see with your wast trainer!

  • Desired weight loss
  • Increased core strength
  • Rids the bodies toxins by increasing perspiration
  • Assists with posture support  

Getting Started 

  1. Once you receive yourABSOLUTE BLESSINGS Waist Trainer you may need a little help putting it on, which is completely normal.  For the first week, work your way up wearing your waist trainer an hour a day at the loosest clasp, having in mind that your body will need time to adjust to the added material and tightness.
  2.  After a week or two the waist trainer should begin to mold to your body making it easier to put on. You can start wearing your waist trainer for up to 4 hours each day, and then wear it longer as your body begins to get use to it. Once you are comfortable making this a part of your day to day wear, tighten your waist trainer by using the second set of clasps.
  3. When you are getting noticeably slimmer, continue to gradually tighten your trainer until you achieve your desired size. Make waist training a part of your daily routine and you will definitely see results!