Women's Ava Performance Slim Capri Legging, Black



  • MOVE FREELY: Be able to move freely and have full control of your movements while exercising in these capri leggings. The  Women’s "Ava" Performance Slim Legging Capri gives you the sexy look that you are looking for while allowing you to move freely to do during your workout routine. These leggings will follow your every move, even during the hardest part of your exercise routine.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Who said you couldn’t look good while working out? These pair of women’s leggings were designed with the intentions of making you look good while exercising. You’ll surely love when you look in the mirror while wearing  Women’s "Ava" Performance Slim Legging Capri.
  • COMFORT: These performance yoga leggings are made for more than exercising and appeal, they are made for comfort. The MARIKA Women’s "Ava" Performance Slim Legging Capri is made with 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex and no outseam to allow stretching while maintaining its slim cut design. Maximize your workout performance by adding these sport leggings into your workout gear.
  • DRY-WIK FINISH:  The  Women’s "Ava" Performance Slim Legging Capri helps you stay cool and dry during your most sweat inducing workout routine. With this pair of comfortable leggings, sweat and moisture will be the last of your worries so you can focus on what really matters while exercising.
  • FUNCTIONALITY: Hate having yours keys and phone in hand while working out? TheWomen’s "Ava" Performance Slim Legging Capri contain an inner pocket inside of the waistband that is perfect for your keys or phone. Stop having to worry about having your keys and phone at hand, when you can safely tuck them away while focusing on your workout.