Tibetan Handmade Lucky Knots Rope Bracelet

We Are Cooperating With One Of Tibetan Lama Ttemple. Our Bracelets Are All handmade By Monks, Braiding when reciting daily mantras. 

Each Knots Bracelets take 30 - 50 mins To Make And Be Blessed.

👍 30 days MONEY BACK guarantee
🌳 Returns made EASY

Luck is on your side with this beautiful rope bracelet. It is 100% Handmade by Tibetan Buddhist Monks and recites mantras as they make every single one of these bracelets. By wearing them, the powerful effect and the spiritual energy is absorbed within which provides positive energy to anyone who wears it.

This beautiful Tibetan hand-knotted lucky rope bracelet invokes universal acceptance, unity, and wholeness. And, it is believed that the left side of the body is the receiving side, so wearing it on the left side allows the receiving of good fortunes and luck to come to you. Just like Leonardo DiCaprio, who was seen wearing this handmade lucky rope bracelet during the pre-Oscar award. 

So, connect to your inner-self with this limited Handmade Lucky Rope Bracelet and Luck comes when you feel really good within you. Experience this for yourself!


  • Handmade by the Tibetan Buddhist
  • Worn by Leonardo Dicaprio
  • Adjustable Knots
  • Length : 16 CM



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